Dog Licensing

State Statutes and the Township of Arena Ordinances requires all dogs five (5) months of age or older, to be vaccinated for rabies and licensed.

Licenses are valid as of January 1st and expire on December 31st of each year and are to be purchased on an annual basis.
You are required by the State to present or send, a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate when applying for a license. The rabies vaccination certificate from your veterinarian must state the manufacturer name, serial number of the rabies vaccine, and the expiration date of the rabies vaccination.

Please send in a copy from your vet with proof that your dog is up to date with the rabies vaccination with the license application: You can download the application HERE.
There is also an annual fee: $10 for spayed/neutered, $15 for intact animals.

Dog License & Stray Animals

Stray Animal Surrender
For every stray animal taken to the Iowa County Humane Society, the township is charged $150.
If possible, please find the owner of the animal, keep the animal or find a good home for the animal.
Iowa Co Humane Society does excellent work, however, it costs the taxpayers each time an animal is surrendered there from our township.