Liquor Licenses

Liquor Licenses must be renewed yearly through the municipal office. The Town Clerk will send each business a renewal application by the end of April/early May.
Renewal PDF Form HERE
If you have not recieved your renewal application, please email the clerk at [email protected].

To apply for a new liquor license, you must fill out the form from WI Department of Revenue. 

icensing Fees must be paid before permits will be granted.  The town board will approve the renewals, original applications and server permits at their June board meeting which is held the first Monday in June.

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Tobacco Licenses

Businesses in the township that sell tobacco/vape products must have a current license to do so. Each Tobacco license is good from July 1st-June 30th.

You can download the Tobacco License Application 

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License Codes

AB: Class "A" Beer (Convenience/Grocery Stores)
AC: Class "A" Liquor- Cider Only (Convenience/Grocery Stores)
AL: Class "A" Liquor (Drug Stores, Wineries)
ALB: Class "A" Beer/Class "A" Liquor (Includes wine) Off sale only
BB: Class "B" Beer Only (On/Off Sales) or in combination with Class "C" Wine
BLB: Class "B" Beer/Class "B" Liquor (Taverns, Supper Clubs, Etc)
CW: Class "C" Wine (on-sale) (Restaurants who qualify)
BL: Class "B" Liquor Only (Winery) 

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2024 Notice of Application for Renewal Alcohol Beverage License

To see the businesses that are applying for the 2024-2025 Alcohol Beverage License Renewal, click   HERE

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